Friday, June 18, 2010

New Friend

Summer is in full swing! This year, summer means soccer, soccer, soccer, and work, work, work. Since I got my new job as Education Director for Hackberry Creek Church, I have spent a lot of time planning and preparing summer activities for kids. It has been lots of fun but also quite exhausting and it is only June. Any of you who have worked a week of Vacation Bible School will know what I mean. In between working and sleeping, we have been watching game after game of the world cup. Myers took the day off today in order to watch the US vs. Slovenia game. It was an exciting match that Owen missed most of due to a long morning nap.

We have all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Owen's new friend, Lady Hiss. Little Emily Forney was born last weekend and Owen got the chance to meet her today. Myers and I were both surprised at how tiny Emily looked (she is only 6 pounds) since we were used to seeing our big guy. Matt and Laura were surprised at how gigantic Owen looked since they were used to seeing their petite lady.

Emily came about 2 weeks early. Last Saturday, the Levers, the Haynesesesss, and the Forneys all had a fun day together cooking, talking, watching soccer and playing games. The very next day Emily decided she was ready to enter the world!